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Mobile Device

NIST SP - February, 2019

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"Information technology (IT) environments have changed drastically because of the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other highly capable, rapidly maturing mobile devices."



Mobile devices pose a unique set of threats to enterprises. A compromised mobile device may allow remote access to sensitive on-premises organizational data, or any other data that the user has entrusted to the device. Typical enterprise protections, such as isolated enterprise sandboxes and the ability to remote wipe a device, may fail to fully mitigate the security challenges associated with these complex mobile information systems. With this in mind, a set of security controls and countermeasures that address mobile threats in a holistic manner must be identified, necessitating a broader view of the entire mobile security ecosystem. This view must go beyond devices to include, as an example, the cellular networks and cloud infrastructure used to support mobile applications and native mobile services.


In many organizations, mobile devices are adopted on an ad hoc basis, possibly without the appropriate policies and infrastructure to manage and secure the enterprise data they process and store. Introducing devices in this fashion increases the attack surface of an enterprise, requiring that additional controls be implemented to reduce the risk of intrusion. READ MORE

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