Instead of chasing every new threat and neglect the fundamentals, we believe organizations should get on track with a road map to measure and improve cloud security.

Many of the core security concerns of your organization's information technology systems are shares within cloud environments. Ensuring and understanding that service-level agreements and legal contracts with your cloud service provider highlight liabilities, service levels, breach disclosure, and incident response time frames is an important piece of your cloud security. To fully achieve the level of security your organization and assets demand, it is important to follow three key directives:


Cloud based service have revolutionized cyber security. Today the cloud makes it possible for organizations to outsource their IT systems to capable cloud service providers (CSP). Adoption of cloud computing is at the heart of most organizations' digital transformation strategy. Cloud solution can outperform on-site solutions in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and security. But without proper governance, cloud base services can introduce security, privacy, compliance and resiliency risk.

Access Requirements

As organizations increase their adoption of cloud applications and services, more people require access to them from different devices and locations.  The challenge for your security team is how to provide seamless and secure access. It complicates identity and access management by creating multiple identity stores over which your security teams have little control

Decreased Visibility

Your security teams frequently lack visibility into your organization's complex, multi-cloud environments, which impedes their ability to pro-actively detect and respond to cloud-based threats.


Third party risk management and governance is essential. Because cloud applications and services are spread across different functions within the organization, it can be difficult to frame assess respond to and monitor at various organizational levels consistently.


Without adequate risk management preparation at the organisational level, security and privacy activities can become too costly, demanding too many skilled security and privacy professionals, and produce ineffective solutions. A lack of adequate preparation by your organisation could result in unnecessary redundancy as well as inefficient, costly, and vulnerable systems, services, and application.

Secure your cloud transformation. We can support you with a unified approach to managing the security, privacy, compliance risks that stem from using multiple cloud providers. By applying best practices for cloud security including authentication, access management, and advanced threat detection and response we can help you mitigate the security risk.

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