Cyber Security Audits

Establish and maintain an independent, adequately, and competently staffed internal audit function.

Transform your internal audit

Assess whether the objectives and business plans for digital transformation have materialized and your organization is realizing the benefits.

Perform risk assessment of the organization’s cyber security processes with reference to best practice industry standards, and provide process improvement recommendations.

Assess implementation of revised cyber security models, such as multi-layered defense mechanisms, enhanced security breach detection and data encryption methods.

Review existing processes to assess whether

management has considered the key threats posed by the constantly evolving IT environment.

What  insights would be the most value to your organisation?

Risk Assessment and

Risk Management Practices

Informed Perspective on

Emerging Risks

Focus on Sustainable

Profit Generation


Outsourcing Internal Audit

Co-sourcing Internal Audit

Insourcing Internal Audit

Our professionals will be working closely with your organization's Internal Audit Coordinator and the Audit Committee. Bearing the role of Internal Audit.

Our team will be part of your in-house Internal Audit team and work together with your team. The team will report to the head of Internal Audit.

Our team will support your organization's Internal Audit employees in specific areas where specialists' knowledge is required.


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