Defending the network isn't getting easier. We are increasingly connected with IOT/ embedded systems. How is your organization mitigating risks for better business outcomes?

Knowing more about what is connected to your network and the frequency and success of attacks, among other insights, is critical to better understand the overall threat environment.


Every IOT device brings its own risk to your network and the Internet. Devices can be deployed to compromise your network or it can be used to participate in distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. So how is your organization managing the risk of IoTs ?

Network security

One way to mitigate the risk posed by IoTs is network segmentation. Your IT team can isolate the network activities from the rest of the organization's network. Deploy "Guest Network" option to create an isolated wireless network, which broadcast itself as a separate Wi-Fi access point. This will prevent devices from accessing the rest of the network.

Automated patching

Enabling automatic updates on deices will make sure you are up to date and not exposed to known bugs and public vulnerabilities. Attackers look for the easiest route to get in. They rely on users running outdated devices to conduct their activities.

Password management

Always change the default password. Allow devices with better security posture. Attackers use the easiest route to get in. They don't have to do research and develop zero-day exploit when a simple password works just as well to get them what they want.

Penetration test

A penetration test against the device will provide validation of the effectiveness of the security engineering of the device. A pair of fresh eyes from an offensive background will help uncover blind spots in the device's security.



Your organization should better understand and manage the cyber security and privacy risks associated with its individual IoT devices through the devices' life cycles because many IoT deices affect cyber security and privacy risk differently than conventional IT devices do. You need to understand how the characteristics of IoT affect managing cyber security and privacy risk

Your organization should insure it is addressing the cyber security and privacy risk considerations and challenges throughout the IoT life cycle for the appropriate risk mitigation goals

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