Managing Your Digital Risk

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Mitigate Cyber Attack Risk

Protection Beyond Your SOC

It's impossible to completely eliminate all cyber  attacks. Therefore, the goal of your information security program should be to provide advanced detection capabilities and deploy and coordinate response across security, IT, risk and business stakeholders to provide reasonable assurance that you have made informed decisions related to the security of your information and system.

Cybersecurity Framework

Implement a cybersecurity framework. Security and good IT management go hand-in-hand: a well-managed network is more difficult to attack than a poorly managed one. Your organization should be proactive and prepare for cyber attack. Make sure your security team have the advanced tools to quickly and accurately detect cyber attacks.

Manage Supply Chain Risk

Third Party Risk Management

Communication is especially important among stakeholders up and down supply chains. Supply chains are complex, globally distributed, and interconnected sets of resources and processes between multiple levels of organizations. Your organization must insure that supply chain risks don't overweight the benefits.

Interconnected Relationship

Supply chains begin with the sourcing of products and services and extend from the design, development, manufacturing, processing, handling, and delivery of products and services to the end user. Given these complex and interconnected relationships, supply chain risk management (SCRM) is a critical organizational function.

Manage Workforce Risk

Building Empowered workforce

As your workforce keep growing, so does the challenge of providing access to the resources they need while keeping your assets and resources secure. In order to successfully manage this challenge your organization should implement a comprehensive set of authentication, authorization and continuous monitoring capabilities that align with your business objectives.

Demographic Shifts

Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials have different attitude towards employment and different preferences about how and where they do their work. Todays workforce is undergoing profound changes due to globalization, shifting demographics and digital transformation.  this will continue to evolve.  This dynamic workforce is a challenge for cyber security and risk management practitioners to address. Implement a frame-work to identify, protect, detect and respond to workforce related risks.

Manage Your Cloud Risk

Secured Cloud Platforms

Today there is no shortage of information available to information security practitioners on what to do to secure their cloud infrastructure. This should not distract an enterprise from undertaking the vital action in protecting it’ s assets. Your organization should realize that cloud services and platforms dish up as many risks as they do benefits.

Risk-Based Governance

There is no “one size fits all” approach to covering your cloud infrastructure. Your organization should establish the security risk-management role and decision-making processes that work for you. With the right amount of risk-based governance - creating a balance between speed and exposure- your organizations can better position itself to reap the full benefit of cloud computing.

Meet Regulatory Demands

Data privacy and security

GDPR came into effect in order to protect citizens with their privacy. To protect the privacy of its citizens, the GDPR outlined a new set of rules for data collection, storage , and usage for companies that operate in Europe. Following this the CCPA ( California consumers privacy act) was signed into a law, helping consumers understand how companies are using their data how they can request companies to delete their data. Companies are facing more data regulations where they have to comply with.

Compliance process

Regulations are changing rapidly. A risk based approach to compliance management is needed to keep pace with the increasing complexity of your digital business. If your organization has not yet started implementing compliance processes into your company’s ecosystem now it will ultimately cost you more time and money in the future.

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